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Change for our Time

I just returned from a viewing of 2012: Time for Change, an incredible documentary about the shifting of consciousness toward a more co-operative, sustainable, and peaceful world for all.  The film was shown by Jess Kangas of Evolver Buffalo at the new (as of … Continue reading

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So I’m back in my hometown, Buffalo.  I’ve re-acclimatd for about a week now & within that time period it’s been an incredible realization that as I evolve, so does my city.  I’ll admit, I was worried when I was … Continue reading

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SynchroniCITIES, Berkeley, CA

The last week I’ve been floating around Northern California.  After Ecotopia, I drove up to meet up with a friend I met in LA at the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference, Garo.  He invited me up to visit Berkley which worked … Continue reading

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Ecotopia, Ojai, CA

So this post a little late.  I’ve had such an amazing time I have a lot to catch everyone up on.  I spent last weekend in Ojai, CA, a majestic valley town within the mountains about an hour in-land from … Continue reading

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I’ve found my way to Santa Barbara for the day.  We came in last night & took an incredible yoga class at a local studio called Yoga Soup.  I’ve been to quite a few yoga studios all across the United … Continue reading

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What are you GRATEFUL for?

On my quest to find “conscious food, business, lifestyle, and relationships,” I knew that one of my destinations in California would be Cafe Gratitude.  I have one of their cookbooks and I’d read about the owners Matthew & Terces Engelhart … Continue reading

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Grace Grove

“Here and now, it’s where she is found.  Alive in this moment, is the life you have chosen.  Let her surround, let her surround you.  Open, open your heart to grace…”                    … Continue reading

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