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Hi, I'm Eliza - an energy medicine practitioner based in Buffalo, NY. I focus on shifting anxiety/depression through self-love. I work with individuals and groups as well as hosting retreats & ecstatic dance ceremonies in Buffalo, NY called Voyager Sessions.

Change for our Time

I just returned from a viewing of 2012: Time for Change, an incredible documentary about the shifting of consciousness toward a more co-operative, sustainable, and peaceful world for all.  The film was shown by Jess Kangas of Evolver Buffalo at the new (as of … Continue reading

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So I’m back in my hometown, Buffalo.  I’ve re-acclimatd for about a week now & within that time period it’s been an incredible realization that as I evolve, so does my city.  I’ll admit, I was worried when I was … Continue reading

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SynchroniCITIES, Berkeley, CA

The last week I’ve been floating around Northern California.  After Ecotopia, I drove up to meet up with a friend I met in LA at the Leaders Causing Leaders Conference, Garo.  He invited me up to visit Berkley which worked … Continue reading

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Ecotopia, Ojai, CA

So this post a little late.  I’ve had such an amazing time I have a lot to catch everyone up on.  I spent last weekend in Ojai, CA, a majestic valley town within the mountains about an hour in-land from … Continue reading

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Eden Hot Springs

Epic. Luscious living water dripping down from the very heart of mother earth. Eden hot springs is a desert oasis about two and half hours northeast of Phoenix/Tempeh, Arizona.  This was my second time being blessed to spend time on … Continue reading

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I’ve found my way to Santa Barbara for the day.  We came in last night & took an incredible yoga class at a local studio called Yoga Soup.  I’ve been to quite a few yoga studios all across the United … Continue reading

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Leaders Causing Leaders

What a weekend. In my last post I wrote about having gone to Cafe Gratitude for dinner.  When we received our bill there was an attached flyer for a conference taking place in LA over the weekend called Leaders Causing … Continue reading

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