Change for our Time

420 Connecticut Street

I just returned from a viewing of 2012: Time for Change, an incredible documentary about the shifting of consciousness toward a more co-operative, sustainable, and peaceful world for all.  The film was shown by Jess Kangas of Evolver Buffalo at the new (as of August, 2011) Burning Books, anarchist bookstore, at Connecticut & 15th Street.

I had first seen this film in Eden, Arizona, the epic hot springs retreat in May of this year, with the creator of the film, and author of the book 2012: Return to Quetzelcoatl, Daniel Pinchbeck.  I was lucky enough to spent time with him in Eden and experience a film viewing followed by Q & A with Daniel after the film.  Being in Eden, this sanctuary away from the world & seeing this film was amazing, but experiencing the energy & resurgence in my own city was truly refreshing.

Burning Books was literally packed full of conscious souls, many of whom spoke after the film about “coming together” to help the community, their personal and business efforts, and ways we can collectively change.  Although there were different points of view, and many who brought up the reality how much change needs to take place (from healing the past to healing ourselves, and feeding our people…) the general consensus was positive, forward action… moving from our HEADS down to our HEARTS to live in the moment – doing what we can now to remedy the past within ourselves, our community, and our world.

Door detail, Burning books

Q&A panel after the film

I am so grateful everyday for the way Buffalo is waking up, coming together, and for the people who are re-generating life here every day in their own way.  I am looking forward to co-screening the film THRIVE at merge with evolver Buffalo in January at merge.  The dates and times are being finalized now, but it will most likely be on a monday as part of our Dinner & a Movie Mondays, a once a month film showing with $10 vegan buffet!  To cap off a great day, I’ve been enjoying watching the pretty snow falling down the first time this year, and it’s beautiful.



About Resolve To Evolve

Hi, I'm Eliza - an energy medicine practitioner based in Buffalo, NY. I focus on shifting anxiety/depression through self-love. I work with individuals and groups as well as hosting retreats & ecstatic dance ceremonies in Buffalo, NY called Voyager Sessions.
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