So I’m back in my hometown, Buffalo.  I’ve re-acclimatd for about a week now & within that time period it’s been an incredible realization that as I evolve, so does my city.  I’ll admit, I was worried when I was driving back East after such a magical trip that the feeling of “flowing” and “synchonicities” would go away and I’d just fall back into place… not to say that it was ever a bad place before, but that after feeling so divinely connected to the nectar of life, nothing would ever taste so good.

And how wrong I was.

I am overwhelmingly surprised at my new understanding of the power and people of this town.  Buffalo, NY – we’ve been through a lot, often the underdog, seen nation-wide for our struggling sports teams and… snow.  But there is SO much more than that.  Buffalo has a heart, a soul, and passionate, friendly, loving community.

Upon arrival after 2 month away, I was truly impressed by the amount of change that had taken place for a “small town.”  Again, I wonder if as I raise my vibration I’m just more tuned it and impressed… was it like this all along?  My good friend Megan Callahan assured me that no, Buffalo is waking up more and more everyday – and while I was gone there was an incredible National Preservation Conference hosted right in our city letting out the secret of the gorgeous historical Buffalo architecture including several Frank Lloyd Wright buildings, Louis Sullivan, and planned parks by Fredrick Law Olmstead.

A small sample of Buffalo's fine architecture


So… what does this have to do with consciousness raising?  Well, sustainability is best determined on the individual basis.  It’s up to us to use our “recycle, reduce, REUSE” mentality to find materials that already available to use to.  Our planet is going through a lot now, and when we are choosing our homes, our gifts, our food… it is important to ask the simple questions  – what resources do I ALREADY have? Rather than running out to buy new things, we can CRAFT what we already have (looking with eyes of abundance)!  In fact, there are some incredible businesses here offers just these services, one called Buffalo Re-Use that breaks down piece by piece buildings that are going to be demolished, so that the doors, knobs, windows, wood can be re-used in new ways!

If you’re making do-it-yourself projects and you happen to need some tools, Re-use teamed up with PUSH Buffalo (People United for Sustainable Housing) to offer a lending library of tools called the Buffalo Tool Library.  There is another one that just opened on Main street, as well, the University Heights Tool Library offering memberships to rent out any high-tech tools that you need for large-scale or small-scale projects…

Buffalo ReUse


And beyond amazing buildings and structure of our fair city, there are a plethora of juice bars and healthy eating venues opening all over the city!  I am wow-ed especially by one place in particular that opened around the corner from where I am living called Ashker’s Juice Bar, Cafe, and Gallery.  The owner is the nicest guy – Angelo, who has several other locations in the Lewiston & Niagara region.  This downtown location is at Bidwell and Elmwood, next to the HSBC, formerly “Comfort Zone.”  Angelo & Sarah are the two main people opening the place – offering delicious veggie friendly options as well as a meat for people who are so inclined, juices, smoothies, beautiful local artwork, and coolest of all – they have a side room that can be used for meetings, special events, studying, etc.  In that small space, they have created a small office for their friend Dr. Dan, chiropractor, to offer health coaching, corrective services, and wellness advice!  I’ve been there almost every morning, haha, stop by and check out their community feel, comfort, and delicious food and juices!

Ashker's at night

Artwork at Ashker's

More local artwork at Ashker's


Now that I’m back in Buffalo I’ve decided to keep the blog going… as I’m realizing the evolution never stops… there is so much to share just within my city.  Plus, I have a feeling I’ll never quit the traveling bug… so stay tuned in!  I look forward to have a little more free time to catch everyone up on my time in Northern California and Colorado as well!

This week I jumped right into the Pre-Holiday Cleanse with Buffalo Yoga Studio that I’m offering with Turiya (yes, my road trip travel partner).  I’m making raw dinners everyday for people to pick up at merge this week, which I’m LOVING, and we’re doing juices every morning with yoga, e-3 live, and chakra alignment.  What a blessed life I lead.  In fact, Buffalo Spree is coming into merge tomorrow to photograph me for an article on healthy eating in Buffalo.  I can’t wait to share everything I have to offer with Buffalo.

Check out the raw meals I’ve been working on this week:

Juicing in the mornings for the cleanse

Day 1: Spinach Wrap Enchiladas

Day 2: Thai Coconut Curry Soup

Day 2: Pad Thai

Day 3: Raw Sushi

Day 4: Savory Crepes with lemon thyme "yogurt" sauce

Day 5: Falafel, hummus, marinated veggies

I also can’t say enough about the changes I see at merge – and that is whole other post, too – so much to share.  I am grateful.  I am overwhelmed with the joy of family, friends, and community.

Thank you for welcoming me home with open arms, Buffalo!

Where so ever you go, go with all your heart.

Peace Prayer Vigil at Occupy Buffalo


About Resolve To Evolve

Hi, I'm Eliza - an energy medicine practitioner based in Buffalo, NY. I focus on shifting anxiety/depression through self-love. I work with individuals and groups as well as hosting retreats & ecstatic dance ceremonies in Buffalo, NY called Voyager Sessions.
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One Response to BuffaLOVE

  1. Edwin says:

    I love Buffalo. I’m fascinated with its’ history and incredibly curious about its’ future. I’ve seen it evolve and I’ve explored and found many treasures that some either can’t see or won’t see. Because it’s home perhaps I’m a little biased but to me it’s the perfect place. It has weather, every kind, every flavor, sometimes in the same day! It has the pulse of a city within the heart of a town and my eyes and ears are always receptive to those who want to look beyond the shallow misconceptions or narrow conclusions the naysayers offer and see the beauty that remains. So needless to say, I liked this blog. 🙂

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