Ecotopia, Ojai, CA

Buddha welcomes us with sage at the portal/entrance to the ecotopia festival.

So this post a little late.  I’ve had such an amazing time I have a lot to catch everyone up on.  I spent last weekend in Ojai, CA, a majestic valley town within the mountains about an hour in-land from Santa Barbara.  Turiya, my traveling partner along with her 12-year old son, Baraka, wanted to stop in Ojai on a recommendation from a friend to check out a living opportunity at a conscious community called Full Circle Farm.  It was about 2 hours out of our way headed up to the Bay Area, and I almost resisted.  But it ended up being a decent mid-way point to stop for the night, so I had Turiya call to see if we could crash there a night.

They offered for us to stay in a little trailer outside, and we ended up rolling in late Friday night.  We drove off a little country road into a grove of pine trees and came out of the car to hear someone playing violin outside and the warm glow of voices and light streaming from a wooden cabin-esque building.  As we walked inside I felt awed by the comfort and familiarity that swept over my body.  Surrounded by natural woodwork, aromatic vegan stew smells, and smiling faces, it was a feeling of HOME that resonated in those walls.  My family had a cottage on the shores of Lake Erie in Canada for about 13 years when I was younger, and this place glowed with that same cozy, woodsy, earthy goodness.  If anyone in Buffalo is reading this it feels just like the Co-op kitchen at North & Elmwood!

Full Circle Farm Kitchen in the morning


Goddess Wall
Full Circle Farm Garden


Eco-home made of earthen clay!

Turiya & I with Bob, the creator of Full Circle Farms community

We immediately fell in love with the big community family and got invited to spend the weekend volunteering at a festival they had helped to organize across the street called Ecotopia for the next two days.  We’d been seeing this beautiful poster for the festival since Newport… and we knew this was why we’d really stopped in Ojai.  I had to laugh out loud for a couple of minutes to the universe.  Ok, ok, I get it.   I’m here.  No more resistance! I keep realizing that everything is happening in its divine timing if only I allow it to.  I have really come to love this new pace of life I’ve taken on.  I get just as much (if not way more accomplished) because I am being more present in conversations, decision-making, and the very FLOW of life.

So, as you know if you’ve followed this blog from the beginning of the journey, I set intentions for discovering conscious business, lifestyle, food, art, and community.  And in Ojai, I again, hit the jackpot.  Comm – UNITY.  This whole festival was dedicated to creating conscious communities.  We were hosted an a private owner’s home ranch with a pool, large garden, stage, and simple tent accommodations.   There was a turn-out of about 400 or so people from my own estimations.  The vibe was really relaxed and chill, there was no alcohol allowed, and people were just blissed out on love.

Qi-Gong Class

I had never experienced anything like this.  Everyone was walking around smiling to themselves, joyfully happy inside, and when we caught another’s glance, we’d just walk right up to them and hug one another.   It was so easy to open up, share conversations and connect naturally. I laughed, a lot.. this was a heavenly experience.  It’s hard to use words to even describe the joyful energy at this beautiful place.  I’m thinking the best way for me to try to express the event is through pictures.  And I took quite a few…

Merlin’s Sacred Mother Stained Glass

Here is a photo of our new friend, Merlin, who makes stained glass windows of the ascendant masters.  We helped him decorate the festival area with flags and fabrics, creating a sacred space.   The energy was slow and steady, without rushing, it was a smaller space and a very intimate feeling festival that made me feel like I was at once everywhere I needed to be.  I floated in and out of lectures on conscious architecture, Cafe Gratitude Clearings, sacred femininity, and group Qi-gong classes as well as my first ever experience with African dance.  I loved moving to live drum beats and swinging and shaking my body in such a high-energy dance!

African Dance
Baby love. Placing a bindi on his forehead!
Opening ceremony, tribal body paint
Beautiful new friend, Elaina, a devotee ofAmma

Ryland & Lizzy from Cafe Gratitude, giving a demo of “Clearings”
Ryland genuinely opening his heart & clearing energy with his beautiful wife, Sarah

Momma to be, getting her belly painted

Listening to the Shylah Ray Sunshine Band

Babies and puppies... I'm in heaven!

Gotta love making friends while doing yoga to live music

Angel in the garden at Full Circle Farm

I feel like I’m reconnecting with parts of my past, people whom I used to know and am re-uniting with again all in blissful timing.  It’s incredible how when you change your frequency to more perfectly align with your own being, you attract those who are resonating with you… and you literally “attract” or draw them into your life.

I am open to where I can best serve and offer my self as a channel of light and love.  I am now in San Francisco.  I spent an incredibly synchronistic couple of days here and in Berkley, which is a very progressive college town about 20 minutes outside the city. Look forward to more updates from northern California in the next post.

*Cows in the Ojai valley, as we drive north through the mountains

Blessings, light & love to all!

❤ eliza


About Resolve To Evolve

Hi, I'm Eliza - an energy medicine practitioner based in Buffalo, NY. I focus on shifting anxiety/depression through self-love. I work with individuals and groups as well as hosting retreats & ecstatic dance ceremonies in Buffalo, NY called Voyager Sessions.
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5 Responses to Ecotopia, Ojai, CA

  1. Robheart~~~Bear says:

    Wow, looks amazing, sorry to have missed it !!! I was planning on going… Thank you for sharing, looking forward to similar gatherings in the future, and a visit to the Full Circle Farm… ((( ❤ )))

  2. Jennifer Shehan says:

    How do I get a hold of Bob, the creator of Full Circle Farms community?

  3. bobbanner says:

    does full circle farm have a facebook page? I cannot locate anything…. hahhhahha and I was just there in real life! nice story!!! want to let them know about this event:

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