Eden Hot Springs


The Source Pool

Luscious living water dripping down from the very heart of mother earth.

Eden hot springs is a desert oasis about two and half hours northeast of Phoenix/Tempeh, Arizona.  This was my second time being blessed to spend time on this sacred, raw land.  I first visited the hot springs in May of this year for a retreat called Eden Epic Hot Springs.  That event effectively changed my life.

Sunset on the Mesa

I felt wild, free, alive more so than ever in my life before.  It brought me back to childhood days of running free all day on the shores of Rosehill in Canada.  But it also took me beyond, meeting people who shared my passion for sustainable lifestyle, spirituality through nature, incredible live music (by Elijah and the Band of Light & Kayt Pearl), soaking naked in the sunshine (and moonlight), and most of all I found people who loved themselves and who were all “healing” parts of themselves, openly vulnerable in their acknowledgement of their growth process, thus making themselves super sexy and strong in their conviction and truths.

When I heard they needed volunteers for an October retreat, I jumped at the chance to help in the kitchen, preparing a menu of completely vegan and almost all raw foods, psyched to work with an amazing raw chef, (and she’s the host of Travel Channel’s Hidden TreasuresKirsten Gum.  About a week before the starting date, though, the October retreat was cancelled due to low registration.   But the two women who run the retreat and rent the land decided to use the week for more of a “friends and family event,” offering people the opportunity to use the land in a more of a relaxed setting.

The Big Pool at sunset

So last week I drove down from California and spent about 5 days on the land.  It was very different from my experience in May.  There were no specific lectures or music or events, it was all up the people who attended to create their own retreat.  My friend Rachel brought and set up an art experience, offering a huge canvas and allowing everyone free rein to add to it with paints, pastels, inks and while there was a soft outline, it was free for interpretation and creation.  We were laughing because throughout history, men have painted nude women, and here nude women were painting the art.  (Did I mention it was completely clothing optional here?)

Community Art Wall

Yes, everyone swims (and a of them walk around) completely nude.  This was really joyful for me.  I love being naked.  It’s actually very healing to be naked collectively.  It removes “layers” that we normally put up to protect, shield, and hide ourselves.  When everyone is naked, you see each other as they are.  There is nothing to hide and I found myself feeling more comfortable than ever, because I felt completely accepted just BE-ing who I  was and soaking up nature’s water, sunshine and fresh air.  (And no, it’s not creepy or sexual like people might imagine)

I met so many amazing people there.  Some names you might recognize are Daniel Vitalis and David Willcock.  


Daniel Vitalis actually spoke at the Longevity Now Conference that I attended in Costa Mesa, earlier this month.  When I met him at the springs he mentioned that a lot of what he spoke about he learned from this land, from the Eden hot springs.  He talked about developing sovereign health and the quest to re-WILD ourselves.  He said it is our personal responsibility to take care of ourselves.  We are like domesticated puppies, we never allowed ourselves to reach the wild, wolf-phase of our development because we keep returning to doctors and hospitals where we were born and “imprinted” a sense of safety to us.  We thought we could step outside of the natural world and now finding our way back in it complicated.

BUT our capacity for regeneration and detoxification is amazing.  His tips were to

1) exercise your body (like taking yourself out on a walk… like a dog)

2) Be sure to get enough rest (actually discipline yourself to sleep MORE!)

Daniel broke down his subject matter in a very simple and easy way.  He broke down nutrition and elimination into the four elements/ four organ systems.

1) Earth Element – Digestive System

We eat the earth, it goes into and out of our bodies through the digestive track. (Eating & defecating)

2) Air Element – Respiratory System

We inhale and exhale air.  *There are many Ayurvedic cleansing breathing practices to detox and clear the respiratory system.  You can check out his demos of breath clearing on YouTube.com

3) Water Element – Kidneys

We drink water in, water flows out

*Pee should be clear, drink LOTS of fresh water.  Natural spring water from the source is best… (Kangen is a great alternative!)  He actually has a site dedicated to locating a natural spring near you  – findaspring.com

4) Fire Element – Integumentary System (Skin!)

The sun is composed of plasma (solid, liquid, gas, PLASMA) soaks vitamins and nutrients directly into our skin and we eliminate oils, toxins, etc through our sweat.

Daniel recommends Saunas for inflammation and detoxing (like modern-day sweat lodges, they offer an opportunity for your skin to release and detox)

For more information, check out some of his incredible video resources on youtube.com There are some from Eden, and the Longevity Now Conferences, and many more.  Here’s part 1 of a 6 part series on indigenous nutrition & physical evolution.


David Wilcock

David Wilcock was going to be the keynote speaker for the originally planned Epic Eden. You might know him best from the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens.  He is an incredibly intuitive psychic intellectual.  He is also a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His upcoming Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.  You can also view his film, Source Field Investigations for FREE on his website.

David came to spend time in the hot springs regardless of the retreat being cancelled and he nonetheless gave us even more information than we might have received from just one lecture through countless conversations and personal time with him. While swimming in the pools or just hanging around the kitchen, he immediately drew little crowds of people who were fascinated by him – asking him questions and basically just soaking up the insane amounts of knowledge this man has.  We joked that if people knew it would be “naked Q&A with David Willcock” they might have gotten a lot more people to sign up for the retreat.

He is genuinely open-hearted and generous with conversation and his time.  It was really refreshing to experience a man who has so much knowledge and fame being so grounded and sharing.  He said no matter how we look at it, the details of information that we do or do not have, the one thing we can do is care enough to care.  When we honor ourselves and all other beings, we find joy, peace, and love.

Please check out his website or complete films on youtube if it’s calling to you, there is a WEALTH of knowledge in his free video section alone!


I am humbled by the power of intention as I have been lead to these amazing people and circumstances where I’m acting like a sponge, simply absorbing the beauty, information, and goodness all around me.  We’ve drifted to Ojai, California for the weekend.  I will update you on Ecotopia festival in the next post.

Blessings light&love to you!

❤ eliza


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Hi, I'm Eliza - an energy medicine practitioner based in Buffalo, NY. I focus on shifting anxiety/depression through self-love. I work with individuals and groups as well as hosting retreats & ecstatic dance ceremonies in Buffalo, NY called Voyager Sessions.
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    Lovely. My favorite place on earth.

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