Buffalo to Sedona in 2.5 days. Phew!

To be honest, I already feel immensely different than when I left.  I’m shedding skins like a snake. It’s been three days of traveling, conversing, eating raw, and following grace as we had no set plans of where to stay anywhere yet.  I have to be honest that I’ve been surprised by the amount of emotion & fear that has come up and been released in just a couple of days.  I’m traveling practicing trusting that we will be where we need to be wherever we are, and opening to “the flow” as they say.  It feels like it’s been months traveling already, haha.

Sunday morning I arrived to meet up with Turiya, my beautiful raw yogi friend and her 12-year-old son, Baraka, (no longer raw and proud of it) techie genius.  I ran up to them all excited to jump on the road, when I noticed a slight hesitation.  Apparently Baraka’s friend had been telling him about an earthquake that is astrologically supposed to shake up California on the 26th of September, and they were concerned that maybe this trip was a risk.

I paused.  Hmm, normally I would be the one worried about something like this, but I knew deep in my gut that I have to take this quest and seek parts of myself.  So, I said I was going either way, and their joining was up to them. My good friend recently gave me the mantra “feel the fear and do it anyway,” which has given me a lot of courage lately.

We made some phone calls and ended up staying the first night in Chicago with the fabulous Sarah Campbell. Her roommate Patrick was having a birthday party that evening, haha, and they made for lots of laughs to say the least.

Woke up and internet hunted for a raw cafe in Chi-town before getting back on the road.  We discovered this lovely spot called Earth’s Healing Cafe

Walking in feeling a little stressed about our trip, I felt a wave of calming energy come over me as I walked into this cafe.  A beautiful person named Benjamin helped me with my order, I got the “liver harmony juice” composed of carrot, apple, dandelion, burdock, and tumeric.  I had never had fresh burdock or tumeric in a juice before, it was a welcome treat, offering some earthy grounding, which was exactly what I needed.

This was their “Strength of a goddess” which not only has an awesome name but a delicious taste! Lovely stuffed half avocadoes with a mango-curry pate made with cashews and sprinkled with fresh green onion.  It came with a fresh salad and very bright garlic-parsley dressing and olives.  YUM!

We jumped in the car ready to rock and drove through the night.  I am currently sitting in Sedona, AZ, we manifested a couch to surf on (today!), this lovely woman Pamela happens to live just around the corner from the Chocolatree (which was one of my must-visit spots in Sedona)  and OH MY GODDESS… this place is going to need another blog of it’s own.  This place is incredible… everything I dreamed it would be and more.  Honestly I’m exhausted though and I start my 3 day intensive class on Akashic Records tomorrow so you’ll have to check back in with me next time to see all about it.

With love and deep gratitude for all the goodness surrounding us ❤


About Resolve To Evolve

Hi, I'm Eliza - a women's coach and energy medicine practitioner based in Buffalo, NY. I focus on shifting anxiety/depression through self-love. I work with individuals as well as hosting weekend retreats & monthly freeform ecstatic & shamanic dance ceremony called The Voyager Sessions.
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2 Responses to Buffalo to Sedona in 2.5 days. Phew!

  1. Kelly says:

    Love it! I feel like I’m there with you!! You are doing amazing stuff here – keep rockin’ it! = )

  2. Edwin says:

    For 5 minutes there, reading your words made me felt like I was on a trip too! To be honest, I don’t know some of what you spoke of so it sounds like a completely different world to me but I greatly admire your courage for going on such a trip and I wish you well. 🙂

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